A Dentists Guide to Dental Equipment Repair

A Dentists Guide to Dental Equipment Repair

Keeping dental equipment functional as long as possible is critical to the financial health of your dental practice. After all, when such equipment breaks down or malfunctions you may be forced to close your dental practice down momentarily.

Meaning, you may end up losing revenue besides letting your clients down when they need you the most. Worse still, the lost revenue could have a negative effect on your practice’s long-term profitability.

Therefore, ensuring that your dental equipment is in a good state all the time matters a great deal. It also means that you should do regular maintenance checks to make sure everything works as it’s supposed to.

When the inevitable happens and your machines break down it’s crucial to find the right dental equipment repair technicians to service your machine.

Here, we discuss some of the tips you can use to get back up and running as fast as possible.

Find out the cause of the breakdown

You should first find the reason why your equipment is not working before you even think about finding a repair technician. If you can remember when your equipment started having issues, you’ll likely establish the source of the problem.

Perhaps your equipment broke down after using it on the last patient or the damage happened at the hands of the cleaning staff. Finding out what might have gone wrong can help you describe the issue to a technician.

Ultimately, this information should help you find the right technician to fix your dental equipment.

Check Warranty information

Checking warranty information is crucial when searching for a trustworthy repair person. You want to find out whether your dental equipment is still covered by a valid warranty or not.

If it’s covered, all you need to do is to get in touch with the manufacturer or the retailer for your equipment to get fixed. Remember, even if your equipment has a valid warranty you’ll still have to prove that you and your staff didn’t cause the breakdown.

On the other hand, if it’s not covered by a warranty, then you’ll have to look for the right person to repair your dental equipment as quickly as possible. Most dental chairs have a 5-year warranty if you bought them while new.

While refurbished equipment carries 1-year warranty terms in most cases. In summary, checking warranty information has a big say in the type of technician you pick. If your equipment is covered by warranty you should first try to get in touch with the manufacturer. Only look for equipment repair technicians if your manufacturer rejects your repair request.

Talk to the Dental Equipment Manufacturer or Supplier

Most manufacturers give dedicated phone support to their customers. It’s advised that you check with your dental equipment supplier or manufacturer when your dental equipment malfunctions.

You’ll be surprised that for some issues, you only need to ask the manufacturer a few questions and you’ll understand how to do basic troubleshooting. This might be the only step you need to take for your equipment or machine to work properly again. In some cases, however, the manufacturer may choose to repair your equipment if you have a valid warranty.

Ask for recommendations from dental equipment suppliers or manufacturers

If you’re unable to find out and fix the cause of your equipment breakdown, you’ll need the services of an experienced technician. But as you are aware by now, finding the right professional is not a walk in the park.

A good technician should be trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, an excellent communicator and a good listener. If a technician lacks any of the mentioned qualities, they may not be worthy of your time.

Though, it’s worth noting that finding someone with all those qualities can be a challenge without the right recommendations. Luckily, you can ask dental equipment servicing manufacturers or retailers to recommend a repair technician and they’ll be happy to give you a list of trusted technicians. This method allows you to find technicians with plenty of experience and positive customer reviews.

Ensure the dental equipment repair technician is a good listener and communicator

A good technician should have good listening and communication skills. He or she should listen to your needs before trying to offer a solution. For instance, a reputable repair technician should listen to you before evaluating your machines or offering a comprehensive plan of action.

A professional technician will try to fix your dental equipment and won’t try to sell you new equipment. Getting a second opinion prior to hiring a repair technician is highly recommended. The last thing you want is to find out that your potential repair technician is misleading you.

Get advice on whether to repair or buy new dental equipment

Sometimes, you may have to make a bold decision that requires you to go against the grain like buying new dental equipment. Especially, if repairing your current equipment is turning out to be an expensive exercise that’s draining your resources.

You’ll have to make a decision as soon as possible. And to make a sensible call, you need the help of an experienced repair technician. It’s, therefore, crucial to consult the services of an experienced technician when weighing whether to acquire new equipment or continue repairing your dental equipment.

Lastly, finding the right repair technician to fix your dental equipment isn’t a straightforward process.

This guarantees that you won’t have to deal with downtime when your dental equipment breaks down. If you currently have dental equipment in need of repair, or simply want to feel safe in the knowledge a team of qualified repair technicians is just a phone call away, call Dwinc Inc. today.